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"Peter Pan, A New Musical" Based on the classic novel by J.M. Barrie this original scripts features Eponine from GreasyHairall the beloved characters from the novel. Peter Pan and his band of lost boys join up with Tinker Bell, John, Michael and Wendy to battle Captain Hook and his motley crew of pirates. This is a humorous script filled with original songs that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

"Snow White" Based on the classic fairytale story of Snow White. Our story finds the honorable Perrin the Huntsman trying to rescue Snow White from the Evil Queen's plans in this epic tale of deceit and deception and heroic deeds. Truly a classic good versus evil story filled with humor, unlikely heroes and catchy songs! Come along as Snow White lost and alone deep in the woods finds haven with the most unlikely of hosts, the seven dwarfs! Will the evil queen finally be rid of Snow White forever? Can Snow White survive with a family of dwarfs? Will Prince Harold save the day?

"That'll Be the Day" A fun and hilarious musical set in the 50's about Jimmy, a "nerdy band geek" falling for "Betty" the popular new cheerleader, and his efforts to win her love.

"The Misadventures of Little Red and Goldilocks"

"Aladdin" This is the story of Aladdin and his best friends Rashka and Adil and their adventures after finding a magic lamp and the hilarious Genie that resides inside and his sidekicks. Of course no story would be complete without a Princess! Aladdin learns the true meaning of wealth as he discovers friendship is of far greater value than gold.  

"The Totally True Story of Cinderella and the Prince" In this fresh, funny musical take on a beloved fairy tale, Ellie thinks she's just an ordinary princess with an ordinary, boring old King and Queen for parents ... but the story of how her mom and dad met is a LOT more exciting than she could ever have imagined! As she investigates, Ellie is pulled into a past full of scullery maids and princes, fairy godmothers and talking animals, golden shoes and magic spells ... and she discovers that true stories are hard to pin down, but there's more than one way to a happy ending!

"Curtain Up!" Who says kids can't be stars? In this new musical about a play-within-a-play, what happens behind the scenes is as much of an adventure as the final performance! When a young director Danny & Tracy  from GreasyHairrents out a theatre to stage her first show, the resident stage manage is less than thrilled to discover that the cast is ALL KIDS. With a motley crew of scared beginners, spoiled child stars, temperamental artists and wacky stage parents, its a rocky - but hilarious - road from auditions to opening night. When the curtain finally rises on the play - within - the - play (an adaptation of the fair tale "The Seven Dancing Princesses"), will the show go on? It'll take friendship, courage and a lot of hard work - but in the process, the magic of theatre changes everyone's lives. Funny, heart-warming and full of great new songs that will  have you tapping your feet and humming along, "Curtain Up" is guaranteed fun for children and adults of all ages.

"The Girl I Seem To Be"


"Bedazzled" (Sequel to Spellbound)

"Beautiful" Lauralee & Jaquline


"Boy Blunder and the Trio of Terror" Set in the 1970's in Chicago our story follows the struggles and ultimate triumphs of our reluctant hero Stewey. Stewey and his friends are avid sports fans and enjoy spending their spare time reading the latest issue of their favorite comic book "Boy Wonder" as they pretend to be superheroes themselves. The villains for their stories are a group of bullies that terrorize them at school that they like to call the "Trio of Terror". While the bullying is definitely a problem for Stewey and his friends, they are about to discover there is an even more villainous evil at work at LaSalle Elementary School. How will Stewey and his friends overcome the Trio of Terror? Will they discover the truth about the mysterious holes that keep appearing at LaSalle Elementary School? The story is full of hilarious twists and turns and chock full of great musical numbers. Come join us as Stewey learns what it truly means to be a superhero.

"Masquerade" A hillarious original musical story of a young Princess who is bored with all things "Princess" and desperate for the opportunity to go on a real adventure. Problem is her father, King Darius, is extremely over protective and won't here of it. However with the help from an unlikely source, Princess Daphne has convinced the King to allow her outside the castle walls on a real adventure. Princess Daphne and her friends set off on the royal pirate adventure cruise. Buy as was his way, the King still sought to protect his daughter and assigned three of his knights to go "under cover" and follow along. Princess Daphne wise to her fathers ways, quickly spotted the bumbling knights and raced off ahead to lose them. In her haste the Princess and her friends end up boarding the wrong ship and unbeknownst to them find themselves on the real pirate ship of the infamous Purple Pirate. Having lost the Princess, the knights realize the only hope of saving their own lives is to rescue the Princess. The knights pursue the pirates across the sea to a mysterious island inhabited by a fanatical tribe and their rock and roll "King". It's here where the story takes all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. Secret identities are revealed, lost treasures are discovered and families are reunited. 

"Defying Gravity" (under development) written by Melanie Thompson (Playwright for "The Totally True Story of Cinderella and the Prince" and "Peter Pan, a New Musical", amongst many others) is an original musical, written especially to be performed by kids ages 4-19, is a fun mash-up of favorite characters from classic stories like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and many more. What would happen if Alice took a wrong turn down the rabbit hole and ended up in Munchkinland, where the Flying Monkeys are causing trouble right, left and center? She’d need to find some friends to help her out…friends who aren't afraid of flying high themselves: a girl who can turn into a dragon, a trio of mischievous fairies, a daredevil trapeze artist, a pirate queen who sails a magic ship through the skies…it’s a motley crew, and that’s just the beginning of the adventure! 

"The Totally Tangled Tale of Rapunzel's Hair Raising Adventure" This story features the story of Rapunzel and the deal she makes with the evil Ursulina of the sea to gain her freedom from the tower, and a chance to win the love of the handsome Prince Erikson who passes by her window each day. Rapunzel believes Prince Erikson is passing by the tower to see her but in fact he in infatuated with the voice of the mermaid Arriella who spends her days singing down by the sea. Unbeknownst to Prince Erikson, laying in wait is Robin Hood and his merry men just waiting for the opportunity to lighten the Prince's purse to further their cause. In hot pursuit of Robin Hood is the Sheriff of Knottingham and his incompetent sidekicks Garcon and Le Fool.  But not is all as it seems as the Sheriff of Knottingham is working with the Big Bad Wolf and inept sidekicks the three little pigs, and Ursulina of Sea and her henchmnent Alli-Gator and Croc-Odile to gain control of the town, the forest and the sea. However leading the townspeople in revolt is the unassuming Princess Bella. Joining the revolt and fight against evil are Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs. Tea, Chippy, Pounder and Torie. Will evil triumph or will good save the day? Will Rapunzel gain her freedom and win the love the Prince?

"Rock the Musical" This is the story of Rock Starr, a young aspiring rock star desperate to escape the confines of his conservative small town and become an international rock star. Rock's dream seems to be coming true when he gets selected to be on the hit TV show "Star Factor" where he instantly becomes a show favorite. But just as quickly Rock's dream becomes a nightmare when a tragic accident leaves Rock as the sole guardian of his three nieces, Wynona, Shania and Martina and forces him to leave Hollywood and move back to his home town and forgo his rock 'n ' roll dreams. Meanwhile Poindexter, Rock's childhood best friend is faced with a dilemma of his own when the school musical director resigns and Mrs. Crabtree the school principal enlists Poindexter to direct the upcoming musical production of The Sound of Music. Against his better judgement, Poindexter enlists Rock to help direct the show. Rock's ego gets the better of him and he hijacks the show and turns it into his own play, "Rock the Musical" and in the process pushes away his best friend. The thought of doing a "rock" musical causes an uproar in the small, conservative town that has done the same three musicals every year for as long as anyone can remember. However, it isn't long before all the responsibility becomes too much for Rock. Dealing with the cast is proving to be a monumental challenge for Rock. First there is Lucas who is a pint-sized version of Poindexter and is none too thrilled that his idol, Mr Poindexter is no longer directing the play. Then there is Michael the school jock who is conflicted because he secretly enjoys performing but wants to protect his "macho" image so he proceeds to bully Lucas and disrupt rehearsal. There's Annie who was the lead in the last production and idolizes Rock constantly following him around driving him crazy by talking his ear off. There's Zoe the class president, head cheerleader and committee chair for just about everything as she LOVES to be in charge and never hesistant to give Rock advice. Miranda loves social media and is constantly bugging Rock to create a social media presence. Joni keeps to herself and tends to sit off to the side which at this point makes her Rock's favorite student.  Lizzy is a full blown diva and quite frankly intimidates Rock because she already knows more about musical theatre than he ever will.. Couple that with her crazy stage mom Donna and Rock just feels paralyzed. Charlie is the quiet professional that does what is asked of her but Rock can't seem to connect with or draw any emotion out of her. Overwhelmed, Rock is ready to throw up his hands and give up on everything until Mandy, Rock's old girlfriend and only true love, is able to finally get through to him and help him realize what he needs to do. But is there enough time for Rock to repair his friendship with Poindexter, to get the cast to focus, to win over the townspeople, not to mention the principal, and get the show ready as opening night is right around the corner. 

"Hail Mary" (under development) Football has been king at Jefferson for years. The football players and cheerleaders have been ruling the school for as long as anyone can remember but their bullying of the drama/music students is getting out of hand and principal Jones has decided to teach them a lesson. All of the sports programs have been suspended until the team /cheerleaders write and perform a complete musical production for the entire school. The problem is the team doesn't have a clue how to do it and if they don't get it done within three weeks, the season will be lost. Their only hope is to swallow their pride and ask the drama kids for help, but will this Hail Mary be too late?