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new star logo new16I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the New Star Children's Theatre.  My   name is Dana Hendry and I am the Director of New Star. I have been directing children's theatre for over thirty years now, having started directing in 1978, in a little town called Trenton, Ontario, in Canada, when I was only 16 years of age. I had written a children's musical and held auditions, and ended up with the whole town backing me up, providing me with rehearsal space at the local rotary club, a way to record my own music at the local radio station, and a place to perform at the local high school.

My show received rave reviews in the local paper and New Star was born! With the help of my mom, and later my sisters, New Star moved to Hamilton, Ontario and later to Ottawa Ontario, where it continues to this day under the direction of my youngest sister, Melanie and my mother, Carole-Ann. I moved to California in 2001, to marry my wonderful husband, Bob, and started New Star California by 2002 in the Brentwood/Antioch area. I went on to direct 13 successful productions, over 3 years, with several hundred children ages 4-17, including writing and directing 4 original musicals! Now, I have re-located to the beautiful Sacramento/Folsom/Fair Oaks area and have continued to write and produce new children's muscials having now performed 14 different original musicals. Each cast and production has been a wonderful experience and I am seeing my program grow by leaps and bounds in a very short time! I have enjoyed every moment of working with all of these enthusiastic and talented children! Upcoming auditions can be found on this website. When you come to see a New Star show, I want you to see on the stage in front of you, not only the extremely talented young lady who is playing Snow White or Cinderella at that performance, but also take note of the little 5 year old, who is in their very first production, and is so proud to be able to say their lines up on that stage. I want you to see the varying levels of experience from debuts to seasoned actors. My expectation for my cast, for each and every child/young person on that stage is that they each achieve their personal best. Each person is at their own level of talent and experience and each person is special for their own reasons. That is the philosophy that I work under in running New Star. This is not a theatre company for Stars but one that makes EVERY performer a STAR for their performances. I hope you will enjoy our performances and come back to more in the future!

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