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Why Musical Theatre is Important

There are many benefits to participating in a musical theatre program. Children that participate in drama programs experience improved reading comprehension and typically are more engaged in learning. It increases their self-confidence when they take risks in rehearsal and trust thier ideas and abilities on stage when performing. The confidence gained in drama carries over to all the aspects of their lives. 

Drama encourages children to explore thier imagination and make creative choices, think of new ideas and interpret familar materials in new ways. It enhances both their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Drama students learn to project their voices, enunciate their words and speak persuasively. More importantly drama teaches children to listen, observe and empathize with those around them. Drama students learn to cooperate and collaborate with the other participants through the rehearsal and performance process. This in turn teaches the students to trust in themselves, in others and the process as a whole.

Drama demands self-discipline and self-control of its participants. Improvisation helps develop quick thinking and improves students problem solving abilities. Performing on stage requires tremendous concentration and sustained mental focus which is a skill that carries over to all aspects of life. The practice of memorizing lines and physical movements improves the students memory.

Musical theatre fosters a social awareness through exposure to the social issues, events and cultures portrayed in the scripts. Participation in a drama program increases student engagement, encourages participation in the learning environment and a more consistent attendance. Drama students develop an ability to better understand works of literature, performance and expression in general. They develop better social and communication skills, have improved self-esteem and confidence in their academic abilities as demonstrated by measurable improvements in their test scores. In fact, studies have shown that students involved with drama programs have averaged a markedly higher score on their SAT tests nation wide, than students that don't participate.

Drama is both an emotional and physical outlet for students that allows them to safely express their feelings, explore their imagination, demonstrate their creativity, and have some fun! Performing ultimately helps children recognize their potential for success.

Below is Lisette Velandia from New Star Children's Theatre utilizing skills that drama has helped develop.






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